Nicoleta Pfeffer-Barbela, MSc

Nicoleta is the inspiring founder of citySTILLE – Mindfulness and Meditation Center Vienna, a pioneer concept for well-being in the cities. With “STILLNESS (STILLE) in the city”, she aims to increase well-being in urban landscapes known for busyness, complex working environments, outer and inner hustle and bustle! She strongly believes that a deep sense of presence experienced through secular meditations of different traditions like mindfulness or compassion, are calming the mind, releasing body tension/pain and touching hearts.

She teaches ReBALANCE Individual Programs, Leadership Workshops, Retreats and, is an inspiring speaker for large gatherings.

Nicoleta holds a BD in Economics and a Masters in Finance. Since 2014 she is a certified meditation instructor (PROGES Austria). Various courses like Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction Course (AT), Mindful Self-Compassion Course (AT), Mindfulness Fundamentals (UK), Life Purpose Coaching Diploma (UK, ongoing), many meditation retreats and self-practice allow her approach in individual or group settings to be knowledgeable, compassionate and also intuitive. You are welcome!

Entspannungs- und Meditationseinheiten

  • ReBalance Single Session, 60 Minuten
  • ReBalance Training Program (4x 90 Minuten) For One
  • ReBalance Training Program (4x 90 Minuten )For Two (couples or friends)